Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How do you like them apples

I am so excited when Fall comes. I love the cool weather and the fall decorations. Yesterday we went up to Oak Glen to pick apples....a perfect fall activity. Brody had a great time.

He enjoyed picking the apples.

He checked out the horseys through the fence.

His favorite part was probably eating the apples and carrying the basket.

We had a lot of fun. Sometimes I wish I lived on a farm. I love big white farm houses, split rail fences, bright red barns and home grown fruit and vegetables. It was so peaceful and relaxing up there. However, I am not sure that my family would have any food to eat if we had a farm because I am a horrible gardner. This year I had 3 tomato plants, 3 bell pepper, 2 cucumber, 1 watermelon and 1 cantaloupe. Here is how they did:

tomatoes: 1 plant did okay. They weren't the tastiest ever but definitely better than store bought.

cucumbers: 0

bell peppers: maybe 4

watermelon: I had one small fruit that shriveled and died

cantaloupe: I was so excited to have 1 cantaloupe growing that was about the size of my fist...then my dogs puled it off. None since then.

Maybe I will have better luck next year.


rockkinrobbins said...

I can't wait to go up to Oak Glen, it is one of our favorite fall places. Wish we could have been there with you guys, looks like fun!!

Blackburns 18 said...

Wow, it sounds like you are about as good of a gardener as we are. We have tried the last three years and had about the same results. We were so sad that our garden did not work this year. We like to blame the location. :-)

jackman6 said...

these pics are so, never tried a garden. you win the prize just for doing it!

JenBartlett said...

Hey Leilani!
Puttering around on blogs since I just made one of my own. Cute little kiddies. Fun that you have hawks in the backyard (minus the screeching)!