Monday, September 24, 2007

Okay...I know what your thinking

Finally I am posting a new blog. I know that I am lame and have not changed my blog for a long time but I have been busy. I started working again and since I teach online and am on the computer constantly, I do not want to be on it any longer than I have to. So, I am sorry to all of you who had to look at the same picture of Brody over and over again. Hopefully you haven't given up on me altogether.

So, here are some pictures of me when I was little. I haven't changed a bit. What do you think? Hey, doesn't the one on the swing set look like Brody? Maybe he does look like me.

I don't know why the pictures are all over the place, but what can I do. They won't move now and Brody is about to break something so it is what it is. Gotta go.


jackman6 said...

love the pics. thanks for the change. It's always fun to see old pics.

rockkinrobbins said...

Leilani you were such a cute little girl. You are still cute but how fun to see old pictures of you. Miss you guys!!

Heather said...

love the pictures. who can forget the good ole cabbage patch dolls. they were the best!

Blackburns 18 said...

Yea I think Brody looks like his mama. Cute pictures.